NIE Featured In The News

Our partner Nordic Insect Economy (NIE) was recently featured in the Finnish news on undertaking one of the largest edible insect farms projects. The main article is in Finnish, however we have used Google Translate to have it readable in English. Do take note that the translation might not be accurate and that we are […]

The Global Edible Insect Market

We are very excited with all the traction that the global edible insect market has been getting over the last two years. AIFS was started because we the founders believed that there was an alternative source of nutrition which would sustainable and environmentally friendly as opposed to current sources available today. The New Food Magazine […]

Insects are Tasty

When we were starting out with AIFS, many of the people we interviewed were skeptical about insect food. Most had never tried insect based foods, and couldn’t imagine doing so anytime in the future. No surprise there, as not all countries have a culture or tradition of consuming these little but very nutritious source of […]