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Asia Insect Farm Solutions is a Singapore-based agri-tech company. We aim to alleviate food and feed insecurity by working hand in hand with food, snack and beverage manufacturers, feed formulators, fish, poultry, shrimp and swine farmers, distributors, academia, the public sector and NGOs.

Cricket protein as a natural, sustainable and responsibly-sourced alternative to traditional sources such as beef, chicken and pork has gained widespread adoption and consumption in recent years, most notably in Europe and North America, as more people recognize the relevant benefits of incorporating cricket-based food and snack products as a staple part of their diets. We are endeavoring to establish Southeast Asia as the innovation and production hub for rearing of insects for food and feed applications due to the almost ideal climate conditions for different insect species to thrive.

Our Partners

Our Mission

Provide sustainable and high-volume insect-based solutions for food, feed, petfood, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agricultural applications.

Our Vision

Become the global industry leader in the shift towards sustainable alternative proteins.

Our Values

Create a strong localised presence in the target markets that have widespread adoption and consumption of cricket flour fortified products.

Leverage to the best of our abilities on rearing, processing and transportation methods that minimise our carbon and water footprint.

Supply premium and high quality cricket flour that is superior in nutrition, taste, aroma, granularity and solubility.

Maintain a high level of safety and hygiene that meets international standards for rearing, processing and transportation requirements.

Offer cricket flour at a favourable price that allows food, snack and beverage manufacturers to use them as a critical ingredient in their product offerings.

Develop and produce cricket flour at significant volumes to gain the assurance of major food companies to consider developing cricket flour fortified food, snack and beverage products.

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