Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Powder

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Insects are part of the natural diets for many fish, birds, reptiles & mammals. Because of this, inclusion of Hi.Protein™ has a range of positive impacts on animal health in addition to being an ideal source of essential amino acids:

  • Improve growth and performance. For example, trials with layer chickens has resulted in increased egg production, shell thickness, and reduced cholesterol
  • High protein digestibility. Black soldier fly protein is highly digestible (>85%) and can replace fishmeal at high inclusion rates.
  • Encourage better feed-intake and feed conversion – through its attractant qualities and nutritional profile
  • Promotes strong immune systems and good gut health. Proven to reduce diarrhoea in pigs through its antimicrobial bio-active peptides and high chitin.
  • Hi.Protein™ is a premium protein powder extracted from Black
    Soldier Fly Larve (BSFL).
  • It has a high crude content with a well-balanced amino acid profile.
  • Suitable for poultry, swine, aqua, reptiles and most pets.
  • No solvents, additives or preservatives.
    Sustainable, natural, and environmentally friendly.
  • Our BSFL are fed only food-grade agricultural by-products, such as soybean, fruits and grains. 
  • Our 100% natural production system requires no hormones,preservatives, antibiotics or other chemical inputs. 
  • The BSFL are washed and dried before grinding and pressing for oil.
  • A natural, sustainable and responsibly sourced protein
  • Promotes strong growth and muscular development due to its
    comprehensive amino acid profile
  • Reduces requirement for additional additives, medication and supplements due to its comprehensive essential amino acid and fatty acid profile
  • Packaged in 25kg – 1000kg bags.
  • Storage of up to 12 months.  
  • Should be kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Light brown powder with a nutty aroma. 300μm granular size.
  • 1-17% of total feed, dependent on species and age.