Cricket Powder


AIFS cricket powder is made with 100% dried and milled house crickets [Acheta Domesticus] from Thailand, reared in selected farms. Farms are are visited periodically for quality control and follow a rearing protocol. Our crickets are fed on a wholesome and nutritional diet, including rice bran and yeast (which increases their protein density). We never use chemicals, medications or animal feed.

The powder is produced in a HACCP certified facility, through a balanced roasting process and an advanced drying process to maintain consistency. The cricket powder is packaged in food grade aluminium bags filled with nitrogen or if required it can be vacuum packed with oxygen absorbers. The grain size of the product is medium with a smooth and nutty taste, which we believe will ease the transition of the curious into embracing entomophagy. 

AIFS cricket powder is Thai FDA approved. Health certificate and Certificate of Origin available on request for export needs.

100% whole Acheta Domesticus (house cricket)

– Particle size: mesh 60 (thinner mesh available on demand)

– Package Weight: 1 kg (2,2 pounds) bags

– Package Size (1 kg): 5x13x23 cm (WxLxH)

– Shelf Life: 12 months

Contact us to receive the latest copy of the following certifications.

– Thai FDA registered, HACCP certified

– Nutritional tests (SGS)

– Bacteriological tests (Thai lab)

– Heavy metals tests

We only work with carefully selected farms that have signed an agreement to commit and carefully follow a rearing protocol. For example:-

– Crickets are fed only with specially formulated feed containing rice bran and brewing yeast, without any chemicals or antibiotics. Rice bran is a rich source of dietary fibre and essential fatty acids. The yeast provides a great source of high quality protein and vitamin B.

– Rearing is carried out in housing units specifically designed for the crickets, which are easier to clean than traditional concrete enclosures. This avoids the spread of bacteria and disease, maintaining a high level of hygiene.

– Crickets are boiled twice in salt water for at least 15 minutes. The salt is a critical component in improving the taste. This process also ensures full sterilisation.

– The crickets are frozen and the temperature never exceeds minus 4 degrees Celsius to prevent powder spoilage.

Cricket powder typically consists of 60-70% protein by dry weight and our flour is in the high range (between 67% and 70%, depending on the test method).

What makes our product so special is not just because of its protein content. It is also rich in amino acids iron, calcium, vitamin B12, potassium and more. Omega 3, 6 and 9 are also present in high quantities.

Thailand has a long tradition of farming and eating crickets and is currently the largest producer of farmed crickets in the world. At present there is an estimated  20,000 farms operating in Thailand. The reason for this is that Thailand’s tropical climate is ideal for cricket growth and together with the low cost of labour and farm land, we can offer quality products at competitive prices.

More importantly, you can be assured that you are buying from a source that has the experience to produce a product that is safe for consumption and has high nutritional profile.

Buying from us also supports the farmers that we work with to produce this cricket powder and creates a sustainable business for everybody in the ecosystem.

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