Insects for Food : An emerging Industry

Yesterday’s announcment by Aspire Group on their acquisition of EXO came as a big surprise. This is probably the first major acquisition by a company in the Insects for Food industry and a very positive sign on the growth of this industry. If you want to read more about this, the link to the article is here.

In 2013, EXO launched their kickstarter project successfully raising enough funds to bring to commercialize their idea of offering cricket flour based protein bars. They had an amazing vision to provide healthier alternatives for protein through sustainable farming.  This was around the same time the FAO released their publication on Edible Insects and perhaps the period where a small group of people started to see both the economical and environmental potential that insects could offer. Fast forward to 2018, and today there are numerous companies emerging on to the market to contribute to a more sustainable economy.

While estimates on the demand for edible insects has been varied, there is no question that many believe that this could be the solution towards sustainable farming for protein. Sitting on the other side, there are some experts who believe that the technology and methods currently used for cricket farming are not at a level of efficiency or productivity to justify the claims on sustainability of cricket farms. To a certain extent we agree and that was because while there has been research done on insects throughout the century, there has been very little implementation on commercial level to convince people that this is an industry worth investing time and money into. However this is changing now and we are very happy to see individuals, businesses, universities and organisations collaborating together for the an industry that AIFS is so passionate about.

We’d also like to express our thanks and appreciation to AFFIA for the amazing work they are doing in educating and nurturing the edible insect scene here in South East Asia.

If you think that there is an opportunity for AIFS and you to collaborate, please do contact us and we’d be happy to get in to further discussion.